Northern Exposure 2004 (Compilation)



  1. Velma J - Focus
  2. Isomer - Binary
  3. Dr Parallax - Conversion
  4. Locotus - DKS
  5. Pachooka - Splendour
  6. Jung - World Order
  7. Killer Beez - Horizons
  8. Silo - Fly High
  9. DFRS - No Sand On Stoney Beach
  10. Tanya - Deep Seed
  11. Ben Roebuck - Santa Went Psycho
  12. Displacia - Evil Cannot Be Detected
  13. Loose Cannon - Spinning Around
  14. The 4saken - Unknown
  15. Autopilot - Chinese Whispers
  16. Dysinity - Never Ending
  17. Broken Silence - Enough

Northern Exposure 2004 was the 2nd year the Pandamonium compilations took on the “Northern Exposure” Moniker. Strong turnouts from Velma J who signed to Pandamonium, The Killer Beez majestic “Horizons”, Pachooka (who also went on to sign with Pandamonium) and Dr Parallax. Silo (featuring Lobo) also made his studio debut. Displacia “unleashed the fury” with their recording debut and Patty Jung offered up the powerful “World Order”. One of my faves has to be from Isomer (featuring Sarah Pensini) with “Binary”. Melodic metal merchants Locotus unleashed the brutal “DKS”.