Pandamonium 2001 (Compilation)



  1. Hot Rubber Glove - Jam Wichu
  2. Ribbed For Pleasure - Rutfucked
  3. Meat Bikini - Unblinkered
  4. Chakra BC - Agitated
  5. Emcyte - Survive This
  6. Lardo Porno - Faceless
  7. Habitual - Upfall
  8. Shamanic Haze - She got The Life
  9. Souvenir City - Petty Crim
  10. Infamous Izzy - territory
  11. Sbake Charmer - XXX
  12. Morph - Young and Jaded
  13. Prescription X - Gypsy
  14. Function - Wish I was An Alien
  15. Scapegoat - Incineration
  16. Slaves Of Roswell - Dead Inside
  17. Prodementia - Nail
  18. Obsidian - Naked Blue

With Pandamonium 2001, things really started kicking up a notch on the local Scene, Hot Rubber Glove were starting to take off (and soon to be signed to Pandamonium), Emcyte was doing great stuff both solo and with Souvenir City (and currently doing well in Brisbane band Schoolfight. An early incarnation of Function had the Radioheadesque “Wish I Was An Alien”, they would soon find their feet and their own sound. On the metal front, the mighty “Slaves Of Roswell” had the cathartic “Dead Inside”, and Scapegoat burned it up with “Incineration”. Snakecharmer got their porn/groove metal on with XXX. The Girls from Chakra BC offered up the track “Agitated”.