Pandamonium 2002 (Compilation)



  1. Hot Rubber Glove - Bing Bang
  2. Souvenir City - Innocence Lost
  3. Pachooka - Funkadelic
  4. Function - Disillusioned
  5. Gudabah - Greed Is Not A Need
  6. Locotus - Craven
  7. 77 Anne St House Band - Chinese Recipe For The Broken Hearted
  8. Chakra BC - AA
  9. Habitual - Wasted Talent
  10. Prescription X - The Calling
  11. The Clones - Hopeless
  12. Maximus - No Receipt
  13. Infamous Izzy - Ghost Train
  14. Meat Bikini - Drop Pie Face
  15. The Stationwagon - Indiscrete
  16. Sarah Pensini - Remember
  17. Urban Static - total Taliban
  18. Slaves Of Roswell - 10 Plagues For 7 Signs
  19. Obsidian - Mother
  20. Chewbaccas Cock - Go Limp

Pandamonium’s 4th Compilation CD! I was never that fussed about the artwork for this one (done by myself). However, musically I think it is one of the stronger Pandamonium compilations. From the magnificent “Drop Pie Face” by Meat Bikini with special guests emcyte & Martin Stayte to “Go Limp” by the delightfully named “Chewbaccas Cock” (pictured above) there’s barely a dull moment on this one. Sarah Pensini had the beautifully ethereal “Remember”. Souvenir City and myself scored a rave review on air from JJJs Richard Kingsmill for the “impressive” production on “Innocence Lost”. Function unleashed their emotive live favourite “Disiilusioned”. The 77 House street band had the Kooky “Chinese Recipe For The Broken Hearted”. The Clones were 3 brothers (including Ollie Van Ballegooyen, now in Violet Shift)  with an impressive understanding of indie pop. Infamous Izzy came up with one of their favourite tracks of mine “Ghost Train”. Metal was suitably represented  with strong offerings from Slaves Of Roswell, Locotus, Urban Static, Maximus and Obsidian. Chakra BC, Habitual, Prescription X, The Stationwagon (from Townsville), Pachooka, HRG, and Gudabah all delivered the goods as well. Incidentally this was one of the only ones where every single track was recorded by myself at the old Pandamonium Studio behind Music City in Cairns. Lots of good memories from this one.

Todd Macalpine