The Brazilians – Delta (Album)


  1. Rooster Stone
  2. Delta Queen
  3. Rise Up
  4. Elephant In the Room
  5. Be My Everything
  6. No Guarantees
  7. Thirsty Boy
  8. No Surrender
  9. House Of Lies
  10. Heretic
  11. Another Morning

The Brazilians were borne in the Gordonvale pubs nestled amongst the Mulgrave Delta cane fields of deep Far North Queensland. The band got their start playing loud and proud, with the twin guitar attack of Todd Macalpine and Callum “Frullet” Willians competing against the industrial din of the Gordonvale sugar mill pumping 24/7.

The Brazilians are now busting out of the cane fields ready to turn up the menace & mayhem around the globe with the release of their debut album, Delta. With eleven powerful cuts, including the red hot lead-single “Delta Queen”, and thunderously epic follow-up single “Rise Up” – the entire set-list blazes from beginning to end.

Whether taking ambitious dives into deeper meanings through socially-conscious tracks like “Elephant In The Room,” or turning up the spirit of Rock to eleven by going balls to the wall on the riotous opener “Rooster Stone” – The Brazilians hold nothing back & put strong ideas, attitude, and solid musicianship front & centre. Peppered with the salty attitude of seasoned veterans of the music-scene, The Brazilians bring some northern heat to the cuts on Delta that will have you reaching for the volume knob to test its limits!

Available in High Def 24/96 wav, Flac, or apple lossless as well as all your favourite compressed formats like mp3!


released September 26, 2018