Welcome to our new online catalouge/download store. Rather than tieing you down to one format or another, we give you the option of choosing whatever format you want to download the music in. If you like some of our music and want to share it with your friends, use the share link to open up a dialouge that will give you the code to paste into myspace, facebook, wordpress and many other online formats. All of our compilation CDs are free downloads with our regular releases requiring a modest fee for download, payable with Paypal or credit card. All albums with Buy CD next to them are available at record shops in Australia through MGM distribution, and physical CDs can also be ordered online.

Curio – The Brown Note Theory cat# PDM143921

[hmp_player playlist=’Curio’]


From 1999 to 2005, Pandamonium Records released compilation CDs of all the local indie talent in Far North Queensland Australia. The Compilations are provided here for the first time as free downloads in all the various formats we support including lossless CD quality. Sit back and enjoy a journey through Pandamonium (and FNQs) past.