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We are in the process of uploading the rest of our compilation CDs for free download, and have just uploaded Pandamonium Vol4 from 2002. Highlights of the 2002 release include Innocence Lost by Souvenir City, which was played on JJJ and lauded on air by Richard Kingsmill as “an impressive production”. Other highlights included Disillusion by Function (who went on to get signed by Pandamonium), Bing Beng by Hot Rubber Glove (off the Elexotica Album), Drop Pie Face by Meat Bikini, and Remember by Sarah Pensini. in 2002 there was somewhat of a Townsvillian invasion from Pachooka (who also went on to get signed by Pandamonium), The Stationwagon, the 77 Anne st house band, and the delightfully named “Chewbaccas Cock”. The Metal scene was alive and well in FNQ in 2002 with Urban Static, and Locotus churning out some slamming tracks, along with the maidenesque “10  plagues for 7 signs” by Slaves Of Roswell.  Indie/Alt Rock was represented well on the album by the likes of Maximus, The Clones, Habitual, Chakra BC, Gudabah and Obsidian. The CD was launched at Johnos in May 2002, with 18 bands playing and around 500 punters joining in the festivities. So take a stroll down memory lane and check out what the FNQ indie scene was like back in 2002. More compilations will be uploaded for free download in coming weeks. You can download Pandamonium Vol4 2002 in various formats for free Here