GROUND ZERO just added 2 x hand wired JLM TG500 preamps and 2 x JLM FREQ500 active EQs. Hand wired in Australia by Joe Malone in Brisbane. Joe has been making a name for himself all around the world with his preamps ending up in some of the worlds best studios. Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother used a bunch of JLM preamps on Wolfmother recordings.

The TG500 preamps are now our go-to preamps for recording guitars, nothing can touch them for this. They are best described as a cross between an EMI TG and a Neve 1073, but fatter, push em a bit hard and there’s “that” sound for Electric guitars. acoustic guitars with Piezo pickups also sound amazing through the DI input on these, definitely warms up the sometimes sterile sound of these pickups.

Our 500 series rack is starting to look (and sound!) seriously sexy with the addition of the JLM units, we think Joe will be getting another call soon to fill up some of those empty slots!