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This week in our series of retrospective look at past Pandamonium compilations, we are going all the way back to the heady days of 1999, back to where it all began with Pandamonium Volume 1. The album opened with “Sore” by Trick Question (Guitarist Rob Thompson now plays in King Palmer). Innisfail lads Bedfellow were 2nd track with “Section 8” (Chris Lait from Bedfellow now play’s in Brisbane band “Dead Letter Opener”). My old band, Crawling King Snake had the track “Turpentine”. Pandamonium’s first signing, Bleeding Jelly Eyes had the track “How Johnny”. No one at the time would have guessed a political song would have been relevant for so long. Kane Raybould from Bleeding Jelly Eyes went on to form Meat Bikini. The track “Moosetamia” by The Fresian Cows was the nickname of one of the band members younger sisters Elke Ferguson, who went on to be the bass player of Pachooka, later signed by Pandamonium. A young Sarah Pesini had the ethereal track “Bliss” with her 2 girl act Manseed. Infamous Izzy had the track Desparate Man, which featured Patric Jung (Killer Bees), and Paul Francis (Crawling King Snake, King Palmer). The Metal Scene was represented well with “Dead” by Sorceror, and “Hatred Of The Underground” by Supremis (who went on to become Slaves of Roswell). A seminal Hot Rubber Glove had the track “Cuttin Me”, they went on to sign with Pandamonium and release their landmark Elexotica album. We have now reissued Pandamonium Vol 1 as a free download, get it here

Janitor bob has been tidying up the Pandamonium Cellar and uncovered a stash of the original pressing of Pandamonium Vol 1. To celebrate the reissue of Pandamonium Vol 1 we are going to give away a copy of the original pressing of the CD to the first 10 Newsletter subscribers that come to the Pandamonium Room this Friday night and mention the safe word. Sign up for the newsletter (in the right column of this page) to get the “safe word” that will get you one of these CDs.